Much time and energy was spent by many people in preparation of the Eclipse!  Though we did not have the thousands of people expected, our community met people from Poland, Japan, China, New Zealand, Europe, England, Australia and many out of towners from the states.  All were able to experience and witness an incredible sight.  The change in the air and the color, it is hard to articulate the feeling I felt watching this, it was certainly memorable and something I will not forget.

It does not seem possible, as I write this, that summer is coming to an end.  It seems summer came quickly and will gone in an instant.  Each season has its own beauty, of all the seasons – summer is my favorite!  The kiddos and teachers are now back to school, older kids are leaving for college and parents are resuming a busy school year schedule of getting the kids to and from school, homework, sports and other extra-curricular activities.

Speaking of sports, I want to give a huge “shout out” to Kim Lopez, Heather Cox-Curtis, Rhonda Hawker, Ranae Folden, Diana Gillum, Cynatra Shaw, Amanda Barry, Janette Kameshige, and all of the Mothers who planned the First Annual “Cardinal and Corn” Fundraising Event for the OHS Football Team.  The football team greeted everyone which was a perfect personal touch!  Mike Jorgenson was the guest speaker, sharing – the best years of his life were the 18 years spent in Ontario and the 8C School District.  What a treat to have him in attendance!  Great Event and a Job Well Done Ladies!  I encourage the community to support your local teams and attend the sporting activities!

The Ontario Area Chamber of Commerce 2017-2018 Networking & Leadership Program will begin September 20th, 2017.  The goal of the program is to develop informed and committed leaders who understand the issues and needs of our communities and the Western Treasure Valley, to establish relationships, to enhance skills necessary to become effective leaders, the opportunity to study local issues, increase dialogue and rapport between participants and city, county and state leadership, to network, to discuss the direction of Ontario and it’s future, and to ensure the participants involve themselves in community roles after graduation.

From September to May participants will meet on the third Wednesday of the month. In the month of September you will have Orientation and Leadership Training and you will begin to develop relationships. In October the topic will be, Where Does Our Food and Water Come From – Learning About Agriculture and Water.  The Western Treasure Valley is best known for its rural capacities and agriculture.  In November you will learn about How Does the Economy Look?  Industry and & Economic Development discussions regarding the strengths and weaknesses in our economic structure and traveling around industries here in Ontario.

In December the topic is Quality of Life, Heath Care and Social Services.  You will explore the health in our community, tour the local hospital and hear from numerous services groups.  January will bring you And Justice for All, Government.  You will gain perspective on the importance of governance, tour local government agencies and meet the leaders of the city, county and state. In February you will be Hitting the Books and Read all About It, Education and Medial Relations.  Interact with local school officials, tour Treasure Valley Community College and hear from the Argus Observer. March will find you learning about Safety, SRCI and Law Enforcement.  You will begin with a Red Carpet Tour of SRCI and explore the city law enforcement agency. In April you will discover Who are We?  Where are We? Heritage and Culture.  Learn about the Snake, the Malheur, the Owyhee  and the Payette Rivers and how this has supported life her.  And May will bring you to the end as It’s Time to Celebrate! Graduation Banquet!

From my experience in the first class that was presented by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, I gained new and lasting friendships and learned something new from each monthly program.  Each learning experience was something I could share with others. This is another opportunity that employers can provide for their employees as they invest time and money into the employee who attends.  And a reason for the employee to remain loyal to the employer.  I hope many of you will take advantage of this great opportunity to connect to our community through this program!

Happy fall ya all!!!