Welcome to Nyssa

A long growing season coupled with an adequate water supply ensure continued agricultural production in the Western Treasure Valley. The community of 3,000 people is the hub of an agricultural area of 264,000 acres. The crops produced on this fertile soil include onions, sugar beets, potatoes, corn, wheat, soybeans, mint, seeds from coriander, lettuce, onions, chives, alfalfa and even poplar trees. Livestock raised here includes beef, emu, ostrich, and buffalo. There are several dairies providing milk for consumers and cheese factories. Nyssa also has several major agricultural equipment dealerships.

As people retire, or their life situation changes, their well-built, well cared-for homes, come on the real estate market at very reasonable prices. Sale prices are usually 75 percent of similar Ontario homes or 50 percent of Boise homes. Nyssa has room for new homes in several neighborhoods. A Boise commute takes less than an hour from the simple rural lifestyle enjoyed in Nyssa. A commute to Ontario or Vale is long enough to give you time to prepare for work or unwind on the way home, or short enough to avoid heavy traffic mornings.

Culturally strong, Nyssa is a great place to touch the world. The City Council, School Board, and several parent organizations continually seek participation as parents and citizens are the foundation of any school or town. The store clerks and the police will learn your name – just to be helpful to you. Two health clinics will provide all your health care needs. Volunteers are active in the fire department, with the ambulance service, and in the police reserves, including school cadets. Multiple restaurants offer everything from Chinese to Mexican foods. Thunderegg Days, a large rock show held every year, highlights the geodes found in and around Nyssa, a college rodeo and the Nyssa Nite Rodeo keep the summer evenings exciting. Four historic buildings on the National Registry in Nyssa are the city hall, the Oregon Trail Ag Museum, the Hotel Western and the Green Lantern Saloon.

Year round mild weather, abundant water for your gardens, Idaho Power, Idaho television, Idaho and local newspapers, and being in the Mountain Time Zone helps Nyssa lead the rest of the state of Oregon.


For more information, please visit the City of Nyssa website, the Nyssa Chamber of Commerce website, and the Nyssa School District website.