If you have read some of my articles in the newsletter this year you will notice I LOVE lists. I can trace this back to my college days and term papers. I enjoyed one professor who shared his “30 Important Points” during the term. At the end of each term, if you had been paying close attention, you would have 30 important points. Not 29 or 31 points. This article only has eleven; so I’ve given you a break and they will not be a final test! So enjoy and be challenged.

Respect and Success – The 11 Traits of a Respectful Person
Posted by John Daly, Filed in Respect and Success

They’re Honest. They don’t lie. People can depend upon them. Think of the heroes we admire in books, movies, and real life. Don’t they act with honesty and integrity? Aren’t they generous with others? Doesn’t everyone look up to them?

They don’t lose their temper, scream, yell or strike out against others when things don’t go their way. In other words, they rarely lose control. When negative things happen to them, they remain positive. They treat people as they would like to be treated.

They are tenacious. They don’t give up easily. They become resourceful when the going gets rough. They totally get that they can’t change other people or the circumstances, but they can change their attitudes about situations.

They admit when they’re wrong. Instead of sticking to their guns (no matter what) just to be “right” they fess up to their mistakes, particularly when it lets another person “off the hook” or eases a situation.

They aren’t lazy, they strive. They are hard workers who always want to “get it right.”

They have their priorities straight. They put what is truly important, what will really help others or a situation, above their own needs.

They have an inner sense of right and wrong. They innately know the right thing to do, and they understand clearly when an injustice is being served.

They tend to be role models for other people. Others admire and look up to them.

They are givers. Most successful people are. They know the “secret” that the more you give, the more you receive when you are genuine about your gifts. We’re talking not so much about money but time and expertise. They operate on Zig Ziglar’s quote, “you will get all you awnt in life if you help enough people get what they want.”

They have high self-esteem. They believe they deserve success and know they can do anything they go after. They know that a mistake is something that they do and not who they are. They keep a positive self-image because they know that self-esteem is a state of mind that they have chosen.

They are loyal, even when it’s tough to do so. They stand behind those with whom they have forged relationships and don’t betray them.

Many blessings to you during November and our time of thanksgiving.