March 2017 Business in the Spotlight

The Reel Theatre
(541) 889-0013
477 SE 13th St, Ontario, OR 97914

The Ontario Reel Theatre was established in 1999 and has enjoyed being the “Hometown Theater” ever since. Our Ontario location like all locations are locally owned and operated by Casper Management, Inc. who’s home office is Boise, Idaho. It is vital for our success to strive to gain and maintain the loyalty of the surrounding communities we serve. We like many other businesses here in town hope that we can keep our patrons purchasing here in the valley instead of driving to Nampa or Boise and this is something we strive earnestly to do. This phenomena referred to as “leakage” from the home town to surrounding more populated communities is not new to Ontario nor other communities in the country with similar demographics. We empathize with other local businesses that have the challenge of competing with the national chains. Finding somehow to differentiate yourself from them can help. How we can improve in that regard is important and we are always open for input.

It has been our privilege to enjoy strong working relationships with the local school districts in recent years. We enjoy the bus loads of children that come on field trips to see movies. Many times these trips are as a reward for academic goals and objectives achieved within the school programs. We also enjoy the participation of offering the Summer Kids Show series as a fun fundraiser for the local elementary and middle schools. We are grateful to Malheur Credit Union, St. Lukes Medical Center, May Trucking, Americold, Steve’s Hometown Motors, Coca Cola and Columbia Bank who financially supported the Kids Show fundraiser for the schools also.

Fortunately today going to the show is a common occurrence for many of the consuming public. The movies are a main stream part of our culture in the U.S. and throughout the world. There are more movies and people seeing movies that ever before. Currently the average American sees at least 4 movies in a theater annually. Going to the movie remains the more affordable entertainment option in comparison to a night out to a concert, amusement park or professional sporting event. We hope to keep our ticket and concession prices as reasonable as possible for the markets we serve.

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