Summertime – it is just around the corner! With summer, comes vacation travel! Oregon Travel and Tourism is the focus of the June Area Chamber Voice.

Summer vacation season means more individuals and families setting out on road trips, short and long distance. Valuable tools can help make your trip smoother and arrive at your destination safely. Always, remember to drive safely.

88% of Americans will plan to take a summer vacation and need to be prepared such as tune up your vehicle before heading out inspecting your tires, brakes, lights and auto fluids. Pack your vehicle so that it is evenly distributed and keep a clear line of vision. If you have a roof rack, be mindful of the height and weight. Did you know that kids can be 12X more distracting than cell phones? Secure kids and pets in the back seat, remember snacks, entertainment and blankets and always carry an emergency kit with food, water, medications, clothes, first aid and a flashlight. A number of vehicle crashes are the result of driver fatigue. Take a break on long drives, cruise control can help you lose your driving focus and know your route. Who has relied only on GPS and found themselves lost?

Vacation time may mean going to an area you are not familiar with. Who has been out of town and relied on the clerk at the front desk of the motel/hotel to advise you on what there is to do? It may be you have asked the waitress where you are dining for advise on where to stay, where else to dine, what there is to do in the area. A traveler may want to know where to buy souvenirs, how to get to a specific place, where to get a drink and listen to music or other questions. Your expectation is that this person has all of the answers.

Kudos to John Breidenbach, CEO of Ontario Area Chamber, for bringing to the hospitality group – the Hospitality White Board Series! Once a month, at a different venue, those in the hospitality field are learning about “what there is to do in the area”. It has been extremely beneficial and helpful to all in attendance. The month of April we were at 2nd and Vine Bistro and the month of May we were at Bert’s Growler Garage! I encourage your attendance! It is an “awesome” opportunity!