I am going to focus on the topic of “Making Time for Your Employees”. The work week seems to stretch before me on Monday morning and then before I can blink it’s Friday and where did the week go. With all the demands of providing leadership, supervision, and “just making it through the day” it sometimes seems there is never enough time for what we need to accomplish. One of my favorite things to do is searching the internet and sorting through the information “out there”. Following are proven ways to stay connected with your staff I stumbled across and want to share with you.

    1. Invite employees to daily walks, 15 minutes in length. You gain a healthy interlude during the work day and helps you get to know people on a more personal level.
    2. Spend a 1:1 every week with each employee. It gives the employee the opportunity to share ideas and you provide them with a sounding board.
    3. Walk around the office at the start of the day greeting each employee. This shows you are interested in all members of your team.
    4. Look for opportunities to “rotate” leadership on different projects. Taking the lead on a project every few months gives employees an opportunity to shine and grow personally.
    5. Observe and discover which employees are the “go-to” people for others when they need to share frustrations. This will assist you in staying close to what is happening and identifying whom you might need to spend additional time.
    6. Teach employees the value of “mentorship”. The leaders in your organization can develop an intentional strategy to be with other employees in a supportive way.
    7. Schedule the 1:1 interaction with employees as a meeting just as you would a client. Don’t let your phone interrupt or they won’t experience the meeting as a priority for you.
    8. Informal gatherings will help you to connect with your team. A once per month event hosted by you that’s fun and free food, of course. Great opportunity to talk and visit with various employees in a casual atmosphere builds rapport.
    9. Solving problems together builds positive connections. Keep meetings short and focused. Meeting more often but with less time involved helps everyone to achieve goals and boost morale.

Credit: AllBusiness.com

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