Now that the holiday shopping time is upon us, it’s time to plan for excellent customer service. The mad rush of preparing for the holidays can often interfere with quality service at any level. I have selected a few ideas and thoughts on appreciating customers and in doing so, building a great service reputation.
Appreciating customers in a sincere gesture is important in building good will and loyalty. Take a moment to create a list of ideas of ways to appreciate each customer. It is important to customers that a vendor realize that each transaction is someone’s “personal” experience in your business. Will a visit to your business be a positive or disappointing experience ? Positive interactions with customers encourage return visits.

Following are some ways to give thanks to those customers who frequent your business.

  1. Write a thank you note. It is easily done and appreciated by the customer.
  2. Choose one customer a “wow, customer service experience” and they will tell others about the unique and special service.
  3. Meet personally with a loyal customer, take them to coffee, and talk about what they appreciate about your service.
  4. Acknowledge customers on your website. On a regular basis choose a new customer to recognize, show your appreciation for their continuing to choose your product or service.
  5. Send cookies or some special treat to a customer as a thank you for their business.
  6. Give a charitable gift in honor of a loyal customer. Donate to one of their favorite charities.
  7. Sponsor a party or other event for your customers. Be sure to include activities that encourage interaction and fun.
  8. Provide complimentary coffee and highlight some products which might interest them in purchasing.
  9. Celebrate milestones with customers and share the importance they are to your business success.
  10. Provide day-to-day excellent customer service which is probably the best reward a customer would appreciate.Wishing everyone a blessed December and holiday celebrations.

Barbara Olson
Ideas gleaned from Gregory Ciotti.